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Sumas WID Priorities, Goals, and Possible Actions

1. Water Quality


   Agricultural activities in the Sumas WID do not cause exceedances of relevant water quality standards for surface water and groundwater bodies


  • (2017) Continue WID’s ongoing water quality monitoring & response program

  • (2018) Spring tour – to be a biennial event

  • (2017-2018) Host spring and fall board meetings in Sumas to discuss water quality data with farmers.


2. Water Quantity


    Farmers in the Sumas WID have secure (legal) access to sufficient water for agricultural uses.


  • (2017-2018) Contribute to AWB water supply program. Recruit potential surface to ground water transfers.           

3. Agricultural Protection


    The Sumas WID’s plans and actions contribute to the recognition, protection and strengthening of the agricultural base in the WID area.


  • (2019) Give guidance to County's PDR program

4. Communication, outreach, education,and reporting


          Internal: WID members are aware of and understand the priority issues and participate in WID planning and implementation

                         of priority actions.

             External: Non-agricultural residents, other stakeholders, and relevant bodies & agencies are aware of, understand, and support the                                            Sumas WID's priority actions. 


  • (2017) Outreach and education with landowners done

  • (2017) Prepare a preliminary management plan for the Sumas WID

  • (2017-18) Review and update the Preliminary Management Plan, focusing on manageable sized sections at each board meeting.


5. Agricultural drainage: Field drainage


     Drainage infrastructure and ditches in the Sumas WID are actively and effectively maintained.


  • (2017) Select and implement a ditch cleaning project

  • (2017) Bridge replacement at Panghorn creek

  • (2018) Panghorn Creek mowing and preparation for 2019 cleaning

  • (2018) DID #15 pump and pipe around gas plant

6. Agricultural drainage: management & protection


    Agricultural lands in the Sumas WID are protected from flooding due to surface water runoff at critical times in the

    growing season.


  • (2018) Continue WID cooperation with DID #15 and DID #31 to support ongoing drainage projects

  • (2019) Cooperation with WDFW and County Road Dept to replace problem culverts

7. Water flow processes; Habitats & species


    The Sumas WID's plans and actions help to protect and enhance water flow processes and fish and wildlife habitats in the

    Sumas watershed.

The WID contains other special purpose districts within its boundaries that is dedicated to improving drainage within a portion of the WID.   More information on these districts is available at:

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